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interference correction

June 2, 2015
Posted at 10:18 pm

Okay, I ordered a new network card for my computer back on the 20th and it arrived today. I appreciate the suggestions of possible corrections and I am aware that there could have been more damage to my main board that hasn't cropped up yet. Unfortunately, it was a matter of available money. the NIC was $4. A replacement mainboard would have been $60 or more, not to mention the possible need to replace the processor and ram.

In the mean time, having no access to the distractions that the internet provides, I was able to write up something like 5 or 6 new chapters, not to mention work out details on things I hadn't foreseen yet. The only downside is that I still have to type up those chapters and send them to my editors before I can post them.

Last detail, my internet bill came and is now past due. Any donations will be helpful. Currently I am still only using Paypal ( I appreciate any help anyone can offer.