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Help with editing?

May 23, 2015
Posted at 4:09 pm

Folks, I have a problem. I do have an editor but I'd like him to be the LAST editor of my stories. Unfortunately, in order to keep his work tolerable there should somebody else besides me to proofread my doings. As you can guess from this blog.

I guess that the real problem is my stories are not short, 'Revenge' was 200k text, 39k words, 'WiC' is 720k text, 140k words. Then there are two other stories with 68k and 85k words waiting for proofreading. Based on my initial feedback I made a decision for not to publish anything until it has been edited and I intend to keep that promise. I have more ideas and would like to write but without editing help those works will never be posted here.

There has been some promises for editing and I have even sent my texts to some volunteers but I since I have not heard about them I decided to ask help this way. Remember, I have one good editor who takes a final look of my texts but I seriously need someone not to spick-and-span my stories but to help with the simple errors and mistakes.

I really need to get those stories out of my head. It's getting crowded there...