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Core Story of "The 400 Year War" will be finished this weekend.

May 20, 2015
Posted at 6:41 am

The final chapter of the 20 chapter core story of the 400 year war will be submitted this weekend. I want to thank those readers who sent me their comments and suggestions as it helped to shape my thoughts on the subject. In writing this Historical story, I was stuck by the manner in which the conflict between the American Indian Tribes and the European settlers mirrored the historical development of the United States. I came to appreciate the fact that Native Americans were in every War and battle of the new nation from the lead-in French and Indian War to the Civil War and that where this story leaves off in 1892, that relationship continues to the present day. I was astonished to find that Native American women walked hundreds of miles carrying food and supplies to the Continental Army at Valley Forge. They did their best to alleviate the suffering of the foot soldiers starving at the doorsteps of polite Tory society in Philadelphia while Loyalist families hosted the Redcoats in their homes. I was amazed at the number of treaties made and broken and promises that evaporated as the new government changed hands from party to party. I had not been familiar with General Stand Watie prior to this writing and wonder why little mention is made of this capable military tactician who literally ran rings around his opponents. It is my hope that I will be able to put this story along with some 200 illustrations into a printed format of about 250 pages including the annexes that serve as guides to the writing. I plan to make free copies available to all 67 County Libraries in the State of Florida and will furnish free copies to readers who send me a mailing address. If anyone sees mistakes in the writing please let me know and I will correct it in the original draft. I know that I have skipped over a lot of pertinent material pertaining to the subject but I wanted to keep the story to a certain size that would not overwhelm a reader like other long books with much better and detailed organization. I generally write in other genres so excuse my shortcomings in professional writing as I am basically writing more for fun than for profit.