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'Revenge' ends

May 15, 2015
Posted at 3:43 am

So, the second story I finished and the third one I started is the one that will be fully published here. Great thanks to my editors and to everyone who commented the story and encouraged me to continue writing. As a starting writer I of course followed my scores like a hawk in the beginning but soon I understood that with my skills and style they are probably as high as they can go. I'm much too old an cynical to write genuinely happy stories. If someone can live her/his life being overly happy all the time then it is good for him/her. I do not fully believe it and in probably shows.

Altogether it means that if you want to criticize my storylines and the way my characters are acting you are free to do so. Just as I'm free to ignore those comments. However, if you have some ideas how to give more 'flesh' to the my characters and how to enrich my way of expressing things you can be sure that I read those comments in detail. However, please keep in mind that I may want to express the state of mind of the character in the way I'm writing and IF my style varies between my stories there may be a reason for it. If it does not... well, even if I've written out enough to fill two or three books I consider myself a beginner in this stuff.

Currently I have two other stories (besides 'WiC') waiting for some brave persons to take a look at them and to make the first corrections to my writings. As you can see from my blog my grammar skills -- well, I TRY to memorize some of it even if takes some fun out of my writing.

btw. 'WiC' continues as soon as proofreading allows.