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Notes on "The 400 Year War"

May 7, 2015
Posted at 4:43 am

I have to thank all of the readers for their feedback on the story. Chapters 17, 18, and 19 are all in varying degrees of completion and I expect 17 to be submitted by Friday this week. All 20 chapters of the core story should be complete by the end of this month which is a lot faster than I expected. I will also put the supporting items such as a look at the history of selected Indian Tribes that impacted the development of the United States. That should be about 30 pages and address about 25 Tribes. I will have a small section of maps to cover certain battles and migrations. A Glossary of unusual terms will be included and a short discussion of the matrix I used to analyze the timeline and the influence of major factors that led to the eventual loss of Indian Tribal power and most of the land that had belonged to them long before the arrival of the European Settlers. I hope to find a way to publish the entire story with all of the attachments in printed form myself without the benefit of editors or publishers because I have no interest in making a profit or subjecting the work to dilution or "spin". The use of color on the illustrations will be kept at a minimum to reduce the printing cost. I expect about 80 illustrations related to the content to be included in the printed version.