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New Stuff: Dangermouse has a new story!

April 28, 2015
Posted at 8:26 pm

First of all, let us rejoice that Dangermouse has another story in progress! Please, one and all, check it out.

Secondly, I am nibbling away at a new story, sort of a hybrid of "Sandra's Hidden Depths: The Saga Continues" and an exploration of a new character. Both characters are (very loosely) based upon women with whom I am acquainted. I hope that I will complete it in the next month or two, and then post it a chapter at a time, with no delays for Muse Vacations.

Finally, I am contemplating the suggestions kind readers presented upon the conclusion of "On My Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary". If I can get my (and those) thoughts sufficiently organized, I will write a second story along that line.

Thank you, one and all!