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Quick update

March 31, 2015
Posted at 12:55 pm

I've made it through all recent emails, but still have some older ones to respond to. (If I've responded to a newer version of an older email or if the email does not need or allow a response, I won't respond.)

The next chapter is in hand, but still needs two more scenes and some connecting text.

I also removed at least a couple pages worth of material. Upon re-reading it, I realized that people familiar with the characters' backstories wouldn't need all the extra material, and people unfamiliar with them wouldn't care about getting such detail.

As to the possible expansion to the omake/one-shot story I mentioned, the first posting is actually potentially almost ready for posting (feel the certainty!). The additional chapters will be kind of random in both scheduling and content, since I'm basing it on what might be fun to write or see happen.