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Rogue Magus - Sick Time

March 24, 2015
Posted at 12:44 am

--==( Rogue Magus )==--
I have to apologize to everyone for not getting anything posted this month. While I worked on several chapters, I haven't sent them to my editors yet for any needed corrections. And then this last week it was both Spring Break for our local school (which meant I had both my nephews while their mother worked and attended classes) and almost all of us have had stomach viruses to deal with. Not fun! So, tomorrow, I'll be going over the chapters I do have again and (hopefully) posting them.

--==( Internet Access )==--
My Internet bill is due on the 26th. I currently owe $144.80. Anyone who would like to donate may do so through Paypal ( I need to make a minimum of $78.00 to make sure the service stays on.

--==( )==--
I didn't receive any responses to this idea, so I can only guess no one is interested.

Thank You,