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'Revenge' almost finished

March 11, 2015
Posted at 7:11 am

Thanks to my editor there are two more chapters of 'Revenge' available later today. The final two chapters will be posted also soon - I hope. It remains to be seen if I'll ever continue this since there was more but my editor made me think about it and I decided that IF I finish the sequel it will be written the same way 'Revenge' was written. I have some ideas but I've not yet been able to choose between them.

I also want to thank for all the comments I have received and I do promise that I'll proofread my new stories myself (and I'll use all the software I can find) before I spit them up to my poor editors. With my two first stories I was eager to publish but with no skills at all to finish them. Maybe I'll get better with time. Just maybe.