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Rogue Magus - Working Update

March 10, 2015
Posted at 6:33 pm

--==( Rogue Magus )==--
It has been quite some time since this has happened. I've been asked a few questions.

* * * * *


It was a pleasure to rediscover Seth's world in this new addition to the series. With Jordan taken and Seth deputised by Dalton, Seth takes on greater, and unlooked for, responsibilities.

I like the way Seth uses the resources at his disposal rather than trying to bluster his way through. He listens to and takes advice.

This is a fascinating look at how Seth adapts to using his circumstances to learn more about who he is and the powers he has come into. Is the lockdown all for him?

Thanks for taking the time to write.

I attempted to reply to this email but the server bounced it back to me. So, I'll post my answers here.

"Is the Lockdown all for him?"

I'm not sure about the context of the question: Was the Lockdown designed specifically for him (whether to test him, train him, etc) or is this the only story?

Specifically designed for him? No. I've got a (mostly) complete background written up regarding the Lockdown and its purpose. Some of these details will unfold by the end of Rogue Magus.

Is this Seth's only story? No. Between the parallel stories from my Master PC trilogy and all the possibilities from all of the new characters and factions I've created specifically for this world, there is so much more to tell!

And thank you for reading!

* * * * *

yeeeea, updated finally xd, thanks man i was getting scared this turning into an abandoned project :(

may i ask more love to Katrina Hannes ? , so far i love her the most (she being tie on the horse chair (?) was rlly exiting xd)

hope to keep seeing ur work :) cheers

abandoned? over my dead body - and I've even got plans in the works should that happen. ;)

I do have more plans for Katrina - all the girls in fact - unfortunately, I'm focused on the primary plot for this book at the moment, which includes more sex scenes than the last book had. In fact, I'm planning on having Seth go back to South Carolina for a number of reasons, and a couple of his Fonti are going along. Katrina is one of them. I haven't decided on who else yet.

More is coming. Thank you for your patience and for reading!

* * * * *

In my last blog I asked for suggestions on what should happen after Rogue Magus. Here are some of the replies I received.

== start ====================================================

Thank you for your work , I would prefer the "return "scenario" A) because that will change the scenery and B ) it will make the story more complete giving more background ..


I think going back to the town would be a logical choice. Now that he has learned who and what he is, it makes sense. Confronting Lisa's dad, looking into why the town hated him (probably tied to Lisa's dad), as well as looking into his "Dad's" disappearance and his mother's death. Why is his family hunted? It would lead to building some background for Seth. (can't remember if you have gone into this or not) but what about Jordan's family? How would they react to their Magus daughter becoming Fonti? Love the work you
have done so far. Keep'em coming.


Considering that Seth will give them their Magic back and bring to Justice the people Responsible. You would think the Community would owe him. So I think a starting point is after words and the Tribute they pay him. plus some of the Girls that have been missing will have who knows what done to them. and he Seth could end up with a lot of "fonti". Not that he wants more but his goodness will come thru when the others show No concern. He could also find out that his Gold Symble gives him a seat on the Council.and more power then even the Council is used to. then Maybe Lisa Hartwell will be in College at Texas and they run into each other and she could tell why,how,everything about her Fathers Abuse.

====================================================== end ==

A majority of the emails I've received are in favor of Seth going back to the small town he grew up in (South Carolina), not only for the reasons listed above but others that I have yet to work out. In an effort to keep some aspects of the story parallel to my Master PC stories, there could be as many as three books involved.

Work on the current book has been somewhat slow. I've finished writing drafts for chapters 10 and 11, but don't feel ready to shoot them off to the editors (wanna go over them a couple of times to make sure they feel right).

--==( Off-Site Postings )==--
I have been playing around with an account on an external site, I haven't posted anything there, so there's nothing to see right now. My thoughts on using the site revolve around donations to help with my internet bill. I've read some of the forum posts other writers have made about the site, as well as the arguments about how those writers have utilized it. To sum it up, most writers have it set up so that you have to donate to read the next new post. Even if they post as often as once a day. To me, that seems excessive (and no, I'll never be rich since I don't play the lottery). Since my focus is to use the donations from the site to go toward my monthly internet bill, donations would be set to once a month. Make your donation for the month and you get to read new content early. That means even if I post only one chapter or as many as twenty chapters, you gain access to them with your donation. On top of that, each month, any chapters that were posted there in the previous month will still be posted here.

For example:

Say I post chapters 6 new chapters on during April. Anyone who donates there will have access to those chapters (everything I post). Then, the following month (May), those chapters will be posted here while I continue to post new chapters to Patreon.

I hope that explains it properly. Keep in mind, I haven't actually posted anything there yet.

Donations can be any amount you want, but a minimum of $5 is required for early access. Otherwise, be patient and read them here for free. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email.

Someone suggested selling ebook copies of my stories. I'd love to, but there are a few things I need to do first (in my opinion):
* Make covers for each story --- I can draw, have a tablet and photoshop, plus ideas for each cover, so it's a matter of simply doing it.
* Go through each story for final edits --- I read one of the last chapters in Sibling Magus and noticed a number of errors that got through. Due to me rushing the end? Probably.
* Formatting --- not just choosing a good font and size, but putting together the actual files. I know html code, so I could make everything with that as a start and then convert them, if I can find a good converter that won't mess up the formatting in the conversion.
* Find places to sell my stories --- probably the most difficult thing for me because I've read too many horror stories about how difficult some sites can be about this as well as how stories are sometimes stolen this way.

Suggestions are always welcome!

--==( Clitoris Awards )==--
I've mentioned this before, I don't write my stories for awards. However, seeing Sibling Magus as a finalist for Best Erotic Fantasy Story was a pleasant surprise. I'm not going to say 'go vote for me' because that's your freedom to do so or not.

Honestly, I'm torn on this. I'd like to see my story win, but I don't do this for awards. *shrugs*