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Rogue Magus - Continuing Work

February 26, 2015
Posted at 12:18 am

Rogue Magus
Chapter 8 is ready for posting. Chapter 9 is going through one last go over and should be ready tomorrow. Chapter 10 is in the works.

I am a bit worried about where to go after Rogue Magus is complete. I know it's still early, but I've always had at least an idea of where the next book is going at this point. There are so many avenues Seth can take, and more that will open by the end of Rogue Magus. For instance...

* Seth could visit the small town in South Caroline that he grew up in. Note that I didn't call it his home. He doesn't consider it his home. He could investigate his father's disappearance, or his birth Mother's death. He could even have another showdown with the man who scared him more than anyone, Lisa Hartwell's father. For that matter, all of those could happen in one telling.

* I could write up a story about the aftermath of Rogue Magus. Granted, there's still a lot to tell, but the Lockdown does affect a lot of people that we haven't even met yet.

* I could write more on the Syndicate, Neil, and he mystery mage that's helping them.

* Seth might go to talk to the Guilds, to find out if they're really as awful as everyone implies.

Any number of things can still happen. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to write. I can't guarantee I'll do exactly as someone suggests, but that doesn't mean you won't spark an idea I hadn't thought of.

Internet Access
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Thank you!