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Growing Up on SOL

February 13, 2015
Posted at 7:50 am
Updated: February 14, 2015 - 8:06 am

Sorry for the silence but my writing is currently maxed out by a Science Fiction novella I'm crafting for a showcase anthology by local writers. I'm not being paid but I guess it's half a step up from self-publishing.

I'm particularly enjoying a very strong crop of 'coming of age' stories on SOL at the moment. My personal favourites are, in no particular order:

Foul Ball - Sophomore Year, by Mindmeld
The Grim Reaper, by rlfj
Living Next Door to Heaven, by aroslav
Ninth Grade 1958-1959, by Banadin
Adam and the Ants: The Beginning, by LastCallAgain
AWLL Book 1 - Birgit, by Penguintopia

Honourable mentions to the following, which don't really have a 'coming of age' focus in my opinion but are enjoyable romps involving teens:

Art Class Preempted, by autofocus
Stupid Boy - Freshman Year - Part II, by G Younger
Dman 3, by Cold Creek

A couple with titles I can't remember have gone quiet for the moment - I'll add them to this list if more chapters appear in the next week or so.