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And Life Goes On

February 12, 2015
Posted at 4:20 am

Seems like ages since I last posted anything on this site. I still remember the euphoria I felt the first time something I ever wrote was posted online; that was LINF,and my, what a long time it has been.

I do have to apologize to those who may have started reading any of my unfinished works, especially LINF. Once in a while, I still get a little feedback from someone who'd stumbled upon the story, wanting me to continue. Then there is Fortune, and Looking at You.

I feel it is necessary to give account, sort of, of what I'd been up to and why I'd turned up so very little work lately.

And the simple truth is that life happened. I was a college student when I first wrote LINF and Fortune, and as per the course I studied, I had little time, which I devoted to making use of the creative juice God deposited in me. I wouldn't say I had all the time in the world then, but I got little time to write and I did.

But I have since graduated, and I now have a day job, which I must confess wasn't what I want. But, like everything else, much of life is stepping up when the situation calls for it and doing what you have to do, in order to achieve your life-long dreams.

And one of the sacrifices I have to make at the moment is working a regular job. I don't have anything about people getting work, but what I desire most of all is to be the guy employing people, bringing value to the world. That will require a bit of capital, which is one of the reason why I am toughing it out.

But other things have conspired to make me have little time for myself really. Mom has been suffering from High blood pressure together with diabetes and a few years back, she suffered some minor stroke. It was one of the scariest moments of my life and the thought that I'd even lose her; that really broke me.

My mom is the one of the few people in my life with my other sisters. So, the main reason I am actually working is because just as mom bled herself dry to train me in the university, I have to train my other sisters as well; it's in the contract I signed when I became a Big Brother.

In a roundabout way, most of my days now is filled with devising means to position my company to be a market leader in the IT market. Hence, the little time I have left for writing.

Now, Since I am in the mood to share, let me tell you what my life is like without writing; colorless. You remember those black and white pictures our fathers took then which you know would be much more if only it had color in it, well that's what life is for me now.

I think inside of us is that gift to be creative and when we have no outlet for it, we become less than ourselves. So, in a way, life has become less than what it should be because I am seriously under-utilizing this gift.

Now, as for my unfinished works, the only story that I see myself going back to finish is 'Fortune' which unfortunately is a big undertaking, but I've learnt that everything, no matter how big can be overcome by taking a step. So, maybe I will start with Fortune again.

But LINF, sadly like I mentioned before, is something I don't have the stomach to write again. I have written about two chapters of it which have not been posted but I can't bring myself to type one key again because of the way the story goes. LINF is a story very close to my heart and much of my life is entwined in it, so for me to conclude that it is a tragedy well, it just seems so formal that I don't have the stomach for it. I am hoping that the inspiration for the story will change but it hasn't for years now, and I would never imagine a world where I am comfortable writing my life's story in such a sad manner.

I know I may have piqued your interest a little bit but it's something I feel like I owe my readers; an explanation of why it may not continue. I could write a happy, sappy love story but LINF was never meant to be a happy, sappy love story. It was meant to help me exorcise the demons inside of me, the demons of my formative years, and maybe I can just find a way to move forward, and be happy.

I think I should stop here because I may have given out more information about my life than I ever wish to. Now, for a bit of favor, I really do need someone who could help me edit my works. I know that for the fact that I am taking the time to write the blog, I am going to really work at creating the time to start writing again. I want some color in my life again, and I would appreciate if an editor would help me on this wonderful journey again.

So, keep looking out for me, I may yet surprise you. Have a lovely day all, and thank you everyone who ever sent me a feedback. To my friend, MCGUY101, thank you for taking an interest in a young one like me. You may never understand what it means to me that you did. I hope all is well with you.