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New Chapter of "Anniversary" submitted for posting

December 26, 2014
Posted at 11:59 am

First, Merry Christmas. I suppose is is odd in some way, for those of us who (read)(write) (follow) a porn site, to celebrate the Birth of Christ. On the other hand, this site (and others like it) provide an outlet for consideration of one of God's nicer gifts, that does not involve actual adultery or other wrongful things. Within the bounds of imagination, we can contemplate activities that we may not want to actually participate in, or, that would hurt others should we act on the imaginings. Well, that is one of *my* rationalizations, and I an sticking to it!

I just submitted chapter 9 of "Celebrating My Anniversary". I have one more chapter, and it is written (and in need of editing. Nearly there!) I hope you enjoy them, and then I'll see which of my partially written stories cries out the loudest to be completed!/Reltney