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Book 2 Update

November 16, 2014
Posted at 3:05 pm

It's here!

The re-write of Book 2 of the Second Time Through' series was just posted.

I DID NOT change the story significantly, except maybe to those of you who, like myself, are perfectionists. Mostly, I just corrected mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation and several word usage faux pas.

I also re-worded several sentences and paragraphs to better explain a situation. By my calculations, I probably added about 6000 words, but since it was almost a quarter million words already, it's not too big a deal.

So if you're one of those readers with a phenomenal memory and never likes to re-read a story, forget it. Don't bother.

However, if you happen to LIKE re-reading a story, (like me), and you appreciate not having to stumble around mistakes, then you might want to download the re-write.

Either way, thanks for reading Second Time Through…

Phil Brown