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Encounter With Sandra

October 3, 2014
Posted at 10:29 pm

I'm looking for a new job. The good news, is I still have a job, so this is a "gotta get into a better space" job hunt, not a "How the hell will I pay the rent?" job hunt. Much more pleasant.

Anyhow, I bring that up, in order to ruminate about Sandra. When I eventually move along, she will no longer be working with me, to be the focus of my dirty feeble little mind. I will likely dream up new "adventures" featuring her, or the "her" of my fevered imaginings, but as time passes, she will move to the background of my daydreams, and other women will take her place. (sigh).

Why do you, my Loyal Reader, care about this? Well, sooner would be a better opportunity than later, to suggest some adventures for Bob and Sandra to pursue. I expect that my fantasies will be fresher, with her present as an inspiration, than working from vivid memories and half-forgotten fantasies. Any suggestions? /Reltney