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Rogue Magus - Writing Starts Tomorrow

September 30, 2014
Posted at 6:33 pm

--==( Sex Magus 4: Rogue Magus )==--
Starting tomorrow, I begin writing book 4, Rogue Magus! I know national writing month is November, but that month gets crazy around Thanksgiving around here. During October, the kids don't have any days off and Halloween isn't an issue here --- we live too far out from town for anyone to come by trick-or-treating. Plus, October has 31 days vs November's 30. So, one more day to get any last minute writing in.

Here's my current plan...

Oct 1: Write three chapters. Don't edit, don't fuss, just crank em out.
Oct 2: Look through ch 1-3 for errors (a fairly quick task). Make any changes, and send em to editors. Then write two more chapters.

The rest of the month looks a lot like Oct 2: edit previous days new chapters, send em to editors for further proofing, and crank out more chapters. By the end of the month, I should have the whole book finished, or nearly so. The only delays should be any changes needed for clearing up difficult-to-understand passages. <shrugs> It happens.

I'll post again tomorrow night to let everyone know how my first day went.

--==( Internet Access )==--
I realize I hadn't posted anything over the last month, but I still need internet access to be able to not only post, but communicate with my editors this month. The current bill is $71.94 and is past due. It will roll over into the next bill but the last thing I need this month is for the internet to get cut off suddenly. Any donations would be appreciated. Donate through paypal ( Donators will receive rough draft of the first three chapters (after I've written them, of course). I'm really looking forward to this writing challenge and even my family is curious as to whether I can pull it off or not. Something they don't usually worry about.