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The Circle of Life: A Harry Potter Imagining

September 25, 2014
Posted at 9:41 am

I am an adult and I have enjoyed the 'Harry Potter' novels….

If you disagree with this statement, perhaps you should stop reading now.

Like many readers of the seven novels, I worked my through the series and was generally pleased. For those of you who have done likewise, you will know that there is a chronological leap at the end of 'The Deadly Hallows'. In appreciation of JKR's work, I decided to fill this gap with my own imagining and then send it to her. This was duly done, with hopefully an accurate representation of the characters as she drew then.

I found an address on her website and duly sent it off on a memory stick, to save the cost of postage. Some weeks later, I received a letter from, I think, her former literary agent, informing me that it was not their policy to forward such documents, for reasons which I never really understood; neither did they return my memory stick.

Anyway, historically one of my first efforts, it has sat on my computer for some years now, but having seen that there are a number of HP-related stories on SOL, I have decided to add mine to the mix. Please note if you decide to read it that there is practically no magic, as it is more an exploration of HP's emotional development. There is also no sex. It is, as I stated, an attempt to extrapolate from events that occurred within the novels. It goes without saying that although the copyright for this story is mine, all characters, places, and events therein belong solely to the original author and any attempt to exploit these for commercial gain may leave the perpetrator liable to prosecution.

I should also add that my work may stand alone as a piece of creative writing, but it should ideally be read within the context of an understanding of the original novels, or at least a familiarity with the cinematic adaptations.