The Heartbreak Kid: Profile

I am neither a heartbreaker nor heartbroken, and definitely not a kid! Like many of the other authors on this and similar sites, I write for pleasure. It would be nice to earn money doing it, but I know my limitations. I am British, so my stories will have themes, places and language which reflects this; but if you can get past that, you will find a human-experience that transcends cultural and national borders.

I suppose that, like a lot of other people, when I first started reading the on-line stories I read lots of things, but over time I have narrowed it down to my personal preferences. My favourites are those that share my interest in people and what influences their lives: where a good story well told is of more interest than the multitude of ‘sucking and fucking’ stories with minimal back story. I am interested in peoples lives and sex is part of most peoples’ lives, in one way or another: but for most people sex enhances their lives but it doesn’t define it.

I am also an unashamed romantic: I know that life rarely mirrors fiction...but I would like to think that it does, at least sometimes! So, if you like your stories with a high sex content you probably won’t like mine; but if you like a tale with an invariably happy ending, you just might enjoy what I have to offer!