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New Fall Season

September 23, 2014
Posted at 6:34 am

Fall is on us once again. For me, this means TV shows that I love to watch starting new seasons, seasonal changes that affect my allergies, and this year it means attempting to write an entire book in 30 days.

TV Shows

I have a whole list of shows that I enjoy, and have so for several years. I'm also looking forward to a few new shows that seem to promise exciting new views on long-standing stories. Gotham, The Flash, and Constantine. I've never been a real DC fan, but seeing Gotham from the point of view of Gordan in his early years seems rather refreshing. There have been so many new superhero creations over the years that I've gotten lost in the confusion. This, however, looks like a good premice. I have kept up with Arrow on The CW, and enjoyed the crossover story regarding Barry Allen (The Flash). I'm very much looking forward to seeing how they handle the world's fastest man in action. And then there's Constantine. Like most people (I'm sure), I saw the movie, but never read the comics. I wonder how they'll handle the series.

Season allergies

I have allergies. Mostly pollen - and a lot of them. A couple of weeks ago, I ended up going to the hospital for breathing problems. I've had increasing asthma issues over the last year and a half. This was way worse though. From my description of my problems, the doctor tested me for pneumonia. I didn't have it, but he treated me for it anyway. I ended up with a prescription for antibiotics and a steroid too, not to mention two inhalers that I simply couldn't afford (one of em cost almost $300.00 -- and that was the generic). I got the pills and took em. Now, I'm not only feeling a thousand times better, but I haven't had an asthma attack since I left the hospital. Furthermore, the steroids have shrunk my nasal polyps to nothing and I can smell again! It's amazing how much better food tastes when you can smell it. Unfortunately, the meds set us back in the household. And then yesterday, my Mom ended up going to the hospital only to find out that she had some kind of ... well a digestive virus that caused her a lot of pain. So, any extra money we had this month is more than gone.

New Book

Writing a book in 30 days is normally something slated for November. I don't know why. There are a number of other months in the year that have 30 days and are less hectic (April, June). I'm not going to promise that the book will be posted as I finish writing each chapter. In fact, I already know that I'll have to write up more than one chapter a day to keep up with the outline I've fashioned. What I will do though, is post blogs to keep everyone apprised of my progress. At this point, all I can say is that there will be more sex than the last book, more action than any of my books, and more characters than I have ever handled. I don't see this as a bad thing either. Seth's world is expanding, and suddenly, he's actively out in it.


Currently, I am going over details regarding specific scenes I have planned for this book. Unfortunately, my situation stipulates I do this via the internet. And there in lies my current dilemma: the internet bill is due. I owe $72.94 by the 26th. If anyone would like to donate to help, feel free to do so via paypal ( Between doctor visits and perscriptions this month, any money I had is long gone.