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A Hint of Things to Come

August 13, 2014
Posted at 11:13 am
Updated: August 13, 2014 - 11:15 am

Many of you have been incredibly patient with the slow release schedule and slow pacing of my latest story. Some of you haven't... but that's alright, really.

In appreciation of you, my semi-loyal and sometimes irascible readers, here's an excerpt from Chapter 12 to hold you over featuring a new character that will get introduced soon:

"Did you..." Harper began before she silenced him with a kiss. Her tongue moved first through his lips then into his mouth while one of her hands snaked down to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants. The other deftly attacked his tie and shirt buttons. His cock was out and his chest bare before her tongue even left his. She's definitely done this before, he marveled.

"What was your question? I didn't catch all of it," she teased.

"Did you always wear lingerie to work or was it just for..."

"Always," she interrupted, her voice firm. "Sometimes I even kept toys in me while I worked."

The image Harper had formed of Rakti had been totally wrong. The woman on his lap had never been innocent. Or pure. This was a woman of appetite and Harper McLain was now appetizer, main course, and dessert.

Rakti rose off of him, running the tips of her fingers along his engorged penis at the same time. "I couldn't tell you how many times a vibrator hummed away on low in my pussy while I type memo after memo. Or the number of times a buttplug accompanied it," she finished with a wicked smile. Suddenly she turned, walking away from Harper toward an open door. "Just leave your clothes out here," she called back to him without deigning to turn her head.