hush: Profile

I'm a very new author and I'm looking for feedback on what I've written. I mean it. Positive is good and I love to hear it, but negative is even better.

Got a problem with my writing style? Email me.

My sex scenes repetitive or my sentences too verbose? Email me!

These are the things I want to hear from you because no one can criticize their own work perfectly and I know I need a lot of work.

Anyone sending me feedback that results in an alteration of the story will get a shoutout in the end note. Credit needs to go to whom its due.

Read and enjoy my stories, but, remember people, only you and your constructive criticism can prevent serially bad authors.

Oh, one more thing. I'm looking for an editor/proof reader of some type. Don't worry about prior experience. Just having a second set of eyes go over my rough drafts is 99% of what I need.

Every chapter I notice I miss an apostrophe or a comma and I need someone to catch these things. If you think you can help me out with this, hit me up with an email! I look forward to the thousands of applications from around the world for this prestigious position that comes with a generous stipend (it really doesn't)!

- hush