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Chapter 5A posting today

August 5, 2014
Posted at 5:21 pm

I admit it: I have a problem.

Not long ago, I emailed someone an estimate on when Chapter Five would be posted (a week or two ago). At the time, the estimate was completely accurate.

Then I had to go and start adding to it. 'Oh look,' I said to myself, 'that's a great spot to add that one scene I've been meaning to fit in. And I should really expand that bit. And while I'm at it, I have a neat idea for a new scene there.'

So my old 80-pages-max estimate for Chapter Five is currently sitting at 87 pages, with a new estimate of under 100 pages. And remember that I'm not a fast writer to begin with.

However, the first half of Chapter Five is now complete, covering the Tokyo part of the trip. The Kyoto half is maybe 90% complete, give or take. (For me, the Kyoto half is more fun, though the first half is more important story-wise.)

So what I'm doing is posting Chapter 5A today (or at least submitting it for posting). Once the chapter is complete, I'll repost/replace it using the completed chapter. Hopefully, that should happen within the next couple weeks.