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Castaway Update

June 20, 2014
Posted at 7:13 pm

I rushed chapter 46 and 47 out, to keep current on the weekly series update, before going on vacation. The original version looked rushed and had lots of errors. Sorry about that. A more refined set of edits has arrived and those chapters are able.

With various editors out on vacation or sick, the process slowed down and we are just now getting into gear again. Chapter 48 will be released today but its short. I have drafted a number of longer chapters with the raising conflict on Convey. I am working on chapter 52- 53 presently.

Up until my vacation, I was able to keep three or four chapters ahead of the release schedule. This allows for minor corrects to tune the plot and help with foreshadowing. I intend to continue the practice of holding tight to some of the advanced chapters.

As my volunteer editors finish their reviews you will see the new chapters. I believe we will be able to keep the once a week schedule (perhaps more frequently).