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Some backstory regarding "Road Trip Tease"

June 18, 2014
Posted at 10:39 pm
Updated: June 18, 2014 - 10:41 pm

Simply in case any of you were curious about how "Road Trip Tease" came to be:

While going through my divorce, I tried, very hard, to act in the best interests of my children. I believe that part of that is not losing sight of the attractive things their mother brought to our marriage. Among these things were not forgetting the good times we had as a family, and the addition to my life that, for awhile, she truly was.

One time, driving back home from a visit to her parents (an entire 'nother story, right there!), she began to tease me, and eventually we pulled off of the state highway and, parking beneath a microwave tower, had a romantic interlude. It was good sex, and we both enjoyed getting sweaty and breathless, each pleasuring the other.

For the rest of our marriage, whenever we would drive past that tower, we would exchange meaningful glances, and comment upon "our favorite tower". I'm a ham radio operator, and admire towers scattered about the county, but that tower, remains among my favorites!

That memory led me to the story that became "Road Trip Tease". I took certain liberties with the events, and recounted facts that I cannot recall. For all that, it narrates one of my fonder memories of The Ex, and stands as a beacon of how much, once upon a time, we loved each other.