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Castaway FAQ (2)

May 20, 2014
Posted at 1:11 pm

A read sent me a mail and I am answering it in part. My plan remains to post new chapters once a week. Of course, we must remember editors are volunteers and have a life.

Here are common elements in e-mails I receive.

"I hope you can create a fuller FAQ, and as a start maybe I can ask a few that so far have troubled me, Not
greatly but I'm sure you can clear them up for me."

1. The implant, and the use of the
Nano-robotics/Medical Nanomites. (Love them); It
seems these are capable of replicating other
Medical Nanomites within the host body and
transfer back and forth to others. And doing many
useful things. Why have you not had them
make/create implants in the children, or the
women, or possibly work on the upgrades to the
implant its self as the AI has logged as potential

Spoiler Alert: Outside of a medical complex implants can't be added to adults and the imperials have ethically issues with putting relatively new tech into children. At present, only command track, military personnel or clan heirs are authorized the installation of implants. Also, imperial heir implants contain clan security features and accessories not discussed in this book. Our Webster A.I. feels improvements to "his" children are valid "upgrades" and superior genetics or implants are for the best. Since our A.I. is a top of the line prototype model, with clan security protocols and an imperial design database, his relative brilliance is opens surprising opportunities. The story does hint at Von's improved Nanomites, which are superior, providing me broad latitude.

2. The AI seems to be becoming more self-aware I
see this a potential long term problem as it sees
its self as a co-father figure and Von more as a
sperm donor in that it sees its self as creating
its own legacy.

Its own pride may become an issue, as it feels the
need to improve on the DNA of Von, the children, and
other enhancements to the human form.

The A.I. self-awareness plot line offers me more narrative license and uncertainty of potential twists in the story: (1) there is the potential tension between the main character and the A.I., (2) allows for undesirable adjustments that cause Von issues, (3) provides a platform for the emotional development of a new sentient being and the actions of a "teenager," (4) contributes to the closing of this book and fate of Von (5) and opens the gateway for future story(s).

3. Some of the industries you have not gotten around to is cloth,
weaving, and textiles. You have given some Medical
aid, but it seems there could be more. I envision
the use of Brass for the use of the first large
cannons for home and ship defenses.

I have researched, outlined and determined how all the above fit into the world's development. What I concluded was these directly pursuing factors would over extend the length of the story. I am concerned I pushed the readers too far already. These elements allow me to contribute to side stories or push the world further in a follow up book.

The Caldavian, Convey, and the Amarian mainland are at the scholar/tutor phase of education for nobility, open to both female and males with no gender limitations. Von's moon mother language class in the temple is the start of schools. The secret temple school teaching will become a template for broader education but not seen directly in this book.