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Castaway: Von's Bed Expands

May 15, 2014
Posted at 8:38 pm

I have just submitted chapter 32 to the moderators. I don't think it will be a surprise whom joins his bed.

Erik Thread has returned to more chapters which are polished well. I completed my review of his chapter 7 edits and posted them. I am working on his edits for chapter 8. I can not tell you how helpful he is to not only show me improvements to but makes side comments explaining some grammar rules which seem are more complex.

Honestly English is an art form. For example:

Well armed, in front of the noun would often be hyphenated; after the verb, it is usually not.

Enough of that talk. Thanks Erik.

I have edits back for chapter 32,33,34,35 from Mr. Wolf. He is so prompt I have trouble staying ahead of him. I am currently writing chapter 36 which is an encounter you haven't seen the likes of yet within my story (not sexual). I will munch on Mr. Wolfs other chapter edits this weekend. Ron gets his shot at improving my sentence flow soon too. Thanks Ron.