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Castaway Questions Answered

May 11, 2014
Posted at 12:30 am

First thank you for all the encouraging e-mails. Also, thank you for your assistance regarding the occasional word usage error or grammar issue you find in the story.

I am receiving a number of reoccurring questions I thought I'd answer. (1) Why doesn't the A.I. send down supplies? I intend for the A.I. to interact with the planet later in the story. You don't know hard is for me not to feed items to Von from space. My over arching intent is to make Von a heroic character that does it on his own.

(2) What is his sword fighting background? In my mind he has reasonable sword skills from his off-world noble background. With his memory issues he is going on muscle memory and text book knowledge from the implant. I am trying to avoid making him superior at everything.

(3) Why not add A.I. implant contact during the day? This is one of the biggest struggles I have with myself in the story. My original draft had Von's memory opening up his ability to interface with the A.I. when the rail guns came into play-- a bit past chapter 7. I am sure you will pick up the opportunity I had when you read that anti-climatic scene. In the end, I decided to use his lack of memory and lack of real time interface with the ship as a stress point for Von. Questioning his life, his purpose, etc..

A huge thank you to Erik Thread for his yeoman work on cleaning up chapter six with extensive polishing edits. I have just submitted that chapter for a repost.

At present, Mr Wolf has three or four chapters for review and he does a great job turning my raw proofed work into readable text. I publish chapters after his edits so the story gets out timely. Ron has started to follow behind new chapters and he adds a new layer of edits and corrections, which leads to cleaner reposted chapters.

The whole process is much larger than I'd anticipated or understood.