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Three chapters sent to Mr. Wolf

May 3, 2014
Posted at 8:38 pm

Thanks again to Mr. Wolf for cleaning up after my numerous mistakes. I sent Mr. Wolf a number of files to review and he gives us wonderful turn around times.

I just submitted Chapter 1 for a repost. Erik Thread took a look it and added lots of charm and improved grammar elements. His edits are amazing and I keep his hints close at hand when I review my drafts.

When real life isn't knocking at my door I spend the week day nights writing future chapters. I call them drafts which my proof reader gets her hands on to find the obvious errors. I also review reader comments for usage errors that me mind just didn't "see".

Weekends I alternate reviewing hard core edits like Erik's or refining the upcoming drafts for release. When I review the work for the third or fourth time I tend to "see" better word choices. If I feel I am on a roll with story development then I drop everything and just write it.

Friday and Saturday I was cooking off a thread that really pleased me.

All your feedback is so appreciated and fuels the fires like Von's crazy itch.