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Five Years

April 21, 2014
Posted at 3:00 am

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all well and that you've all had a Happy Easter. Mine was good. I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog or stories in a while. I've wanted to but something always seems to come up and I never seem to have enough time. I also apologize if you've emailed me and I haven't replied. Between never having enough time and Yahoo's changing things for the worse I've had a difficult time emailing lately. Please forgive me and try again.

Now for the title of this blog.
It's been five years since I was last able to wish Jenny a happy birthday and in a couple days it'll be five years since I last heard from her and Paula. They're being gone still hurts. The pain isn't as sharp but it's still there. I still don't know what happened to them or even if they're still alive or not but sometimes I still feel them. Sometimes I know I've even gotten messages from them. Not in an email but I'll have a dream or see something and just know it's from them. It helps a lot. Although, an email from them would be nice. (Are you reading this, Jenny? Paula?)

What else is helped is the other wonderful friends I have. Some have gone, sadly, :( but fortunately others are still here and I'm glad they are. I feel very fortunate to have them. I'm also glad for all the emails from you asking about my stories. You're interest in them has helped too. Thank you.

In case you missed something, Jenny is the one who convinced me to start writing and then posting my stories. That's why her becoming ill and then her and Paula's sudden disappearance has been a double whammy for my writing. I miss them both terribly and I can't write and not think about them. I know they both want to me continue writing and would thump me for not keeping up. But I'd welcome a thumping from them if it meant seeing and hearing from them again.

It's also been a little over five years since I got a job which has grown. That's good in a way since the money helped but it does use up a lot of time and energy I'd rather spend writing.

Also since then we've had problems of all kinds come up. The worst being my Grandpa's health problems. He is doing a lot better but it was really scary for while. His arthritis hasn't gotten better though, so I've spent lots of time there helping him. Which I'm happy to do but I can't write there either.

Over all it means I've had less time to write and I do want to even though it's still painful for me. It even frustrates me that I haven't been able to. I miss my stories too. I want to read what happens and see my characters grow as much as you do, if not more. I just haven't gotten there. Yet.

I am going to finish my stories and write new ones. I can't say when or how fast but I do want to. I suppose wanting to is half the battle. I just need a cure for arthritis and a Tardis and I'll be all set.

Happy Easter everyone.