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The Golden Clitorides

April 12, 2014
Posted at 8:23 pm
Updated: April 12, 2014 - 8:27 pm

All right people, there are three more days left to vote in the 2013 Golden Clitorides Awards. Voting closes April 15. Take the time to vote for your favorites before it's too late. Let's show them that SOL authors rule!

While I was there casting my own votes, I discovered that nominations for the 2014 Clitorides are open. All of the authors you would expect see have been nominated, along with a surprise.


I will admit to sitting here at my monitor, staring slack-jawed at seeing my name on the list of nominees. "A Halloween Redemption" has been nominated for "Best Erotic Fantasy Story" and "Epic Erotic Story of the Year" for 2014. Considering the competition, I have no illusions of actually winning either title, but the fact that I was even nominated is a humbling experience. In the same vein, I also received a nomination for "Author of the Year."

Thank you.

Even if I don't win, I now have bragging rights for the nominations. Trust me, I will brag.

Thank you for reading.