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With regard to "Encounter With Sandra"

April 4, 2014
Posted at 8:56 am

On another story site, one reader suggested, "This leads to a continuation", along with a very nice vote. I responded:

Thanks for the vote. Yeah, I am considering that. On the other hand, I don't really have any plot in mind. This story, literally, came to me in a dream. A couple of key scenes appeared to me in that sort of "it-makes-sense-but-only-in-a-dream" sort of way. I (surprisingly) recalled them, and wrote them down. I spent the next several months trying to create a scenario in which they might occur, even if only in my imagination. Voila!

If you have some plot suggestions, they will be welcomed.

So, if anyone among The Teeming Dozens (of my readers) has suggestions for what might be called "Sandra-Part Deux", please lay 'em on me! Thanks. (oh, in the spirit of No Surprises, since I write because it amuses me to do so, and I have this, like Real Life Job, do not be surprised if it takes a couple of months from "Hey! Here's a great idea!" to "Here is a new story, Sandra Part Deux" (or whatever the title develops to be)