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My Muse Has Returned

March 22, 2014
Posted at 1:31 pm

Who knew Muse's were such fickle bitches?

So while I haven't given up on spewing prose, I haven't really been putting enough effort into completing anything (then again I have two stories that at one time was ready for posting and I just never bothered; now both need a bit of tweaking before they can be posted).

But I have been harnessing my creative juices because now I have over 30 stories that I have plotted or started in my hopper and a few more stories percolating in the back of my noggin.

The good news is My Muse has returned, at least temporarily and so far I have completed one of those 30+. Just not one of the ones I thought I would complete first; Ox Hero: Damsel in Distress Universe.

I have made a couple of inquiries about it being looked at/proofed before I think about posting though.

We shall see. Just as we shall see if My Muse has had enough or if it is going to let me finish the second installment, Ox The Damned: Damsel in Distress Universe.