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Been writing pron for a couple of years now. Wrote small stuff for various games I played in my past but it wasn't when I was trying to read some Superhero pron that I got disgusted and wanted to chuck my computer for all of the bad superhero pron I had found at that time (note: not here at SOL; the registration process deferred my joining here until recently; blame Nick Scipio and his Summer Camp series). The next day I surprised myself when I actually started writing a superhero pron story (XSFGC currently found at but am currently posting 1 chapter a day here). I found I wasn't necessarily a better pron writer, just different.

I have been getting a lot of feedback saying an editor would really help my work. I will be the first one to acknowledge this need, but I will also say that my luck with editor has been downright rotten. Plenty of people say they will do the work (because it is work, just the volunteer type) and most never reply to me after they received the story.

Then there was the underage girl (of course she lied about her age to even have an account at that website) who was working on a story until her mother found out and I got a nasty 'cease and desist' which I forwarded on to that sites moderators.

So let me make and open invite, anyone interested in doing a bit of editing, I have plenty of work for you.