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And so it goes...

February 15, 2014
Posted at 9:41 am

It's been over a week since my Adventures in the Basement. The heating system works so much better, now that it's up to pressure. I can't even hear it when the heat kicks on. The only noises now are the initial whooosh of the burner igniting and the roar of the flame, and even that is more subdued. I changed the nozzle and oil filter while I had everything down. Best its run in years.

I had given my sturdy little truck new shoes for the winter, and she was much happier. I no longer had the rumble of the tires on pavement like before. Getting tires that had rubber between the road and the steel belts must have helped.

I had been noticing that she seemed a bit sluggish lately. Yesterday the check engine light came on. Stopping at a local Auto Zone, I had the engine code read out and found she had coughed up an ignition coil. Poor baby. A hundred dollars later I had a shiny black brick with four round towers on top and a big square hole on the side. Ten minutes with a torx driver, and nearly stripping one screw, she was purring for me once again.

What this means for all of you is that now my Saturday is free. With both my home and my truck purring happily, and my cat trying to sit on the keyboard, also purring, I will be spending the day editing the coming chapters and writing new ones. And anticipating the coming snow storm. Two feet on the ground and more coming. <sigh>

Thank you all for reading and your kind comments. Your encouragement, written and unwritten, inspire me to continue writing.