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Update! (I'm not dead.)

February 12, 2014
Posted at 9:43 pm

I have been mostly out of contact for the past few months, for which I apologize.

There were a few different reasons, but the main one is that I was burned out on being creative. Although I never actually stopped writing or getting ideas, I dropped down to less than a page a week for a while. I finally started working seriously on the story again a few weeks ago.

Which brings up the next point: Chapter Four had already reached forty-six pages and most of the Japan section had yet to be written, so I found a natural break in the story and broke it up again, so now Japan will be covered in Chapter Five, leaving Four to cover what happens between California and Japan.

As it stands right now (page count from OpenOffice), Chapter Three was 42 pages. Chapter Four is 36 pages. And Chapter Five (Japan) is currently at 11 pages. Chapter Six (the trip to Europe) is currently only 11 pages, and Chapter Seven (the next big game-changing event) is 37 pages.

I'd also like to apologize to anyone who emailed me over the past few months. I didn't even look at that account during my downtime, which was unforgivably rude of me. I can't promise when I'll have time to go through them, but I will.

So anyway, I'm submitting Chapter Four for posting tonight. It should show up soon.