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Nominations for Clitoris Awards

February 10, 2014
Posted at 3:27 am

I received an email informing me that New Magus has been nominated (9x) for _Long Story of the year_. There are two problems with this:

1. New Magus was completed in 2011, not 2013, even though the story page says it concluded in 2013. I did update the story for corrections and adding in Character bios when new characters were introduced, but I'm not sure that makes the story eligible for this year's award.

2. The length of New Magus (120,000+ words/642KB) would put it in the _Epic Length Story of the Year_ category, not _Long Story of the Year_. A minor issue, except for the fact that nine nominations wouldn't put it in the top ten in that category and thus it would not go on to the voting phase (by my understanding).

For those who nominated New Magus, thank you. I do appreciate it. However, I've sent an email to the webmasters about this and am leaving it up to their wisdom. Should they decide to move New Magus to the correct category, it will need more nominations to make it to the voting phase.

I've looked through the list of nominated stories, and found that Child Magus has been nominated for _Epic Length Story of the Year_. Currently, it has 6 nominations. To make the top ten and move on to voting, it will need more than twice that.

I'm of of two minds on this. I would like to see one of my stories make it past nominations, YET I don't write to win awards. <shrugs> I leave this up to you.