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I found the water :(

February 4, 2014
Posted at 5:29 pm

Several of you had suggested I checked the pipes for leaks. I did. Twice. No visible leaks.

Two days the water supply to the boiler was running. I was running out of ideas when it snowed again. While out shoveling that mess, I heard running water, like a brook. Looking around, I find a brook running out of my house!

Back to the basement. No water anywhere. I finally found two pipes leading out under the front porch. Why!? There's no radiators out there. Um, whoops. Yes there is.

I cut the feeds and capped them. Suddenly the pressure builds at the boiler. Hurray! At five psi, the relief valve pops. Thump. <that was me> Water everywhere. Agh!

I run to the plumbing supply house, get a new relief valve. And away we go. I might even light the burner ... but I'm afraid to.