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Sibling Magus - ch 26, 27 Working

January 24, 2014
Posted at 5:00 pm

--==( Sibling Magus )==--
Yeah, I've written two more chapters already, but 27 is already being re-written. Seth's sister, Faith, gives him news he really didn't want to hear, and he learns more about what it means to be a Padrone.

--==( Internet Access )==--
I haven't received any donations for the internet bill, so I'll have to revert to posting chapters when I can. I have access at the Fire Dept., so all is not lost.

--==( Personal )==--
Plans are all set for my trip to Wichita Falls. I'll leave here on the 31st, stay that weekend and return the following Friday (2/7) or Sat (2/8). My ex doesn't have internet access, but I'll be able to take my laptop along and keep working on the story. It could be a very productive week, at least during the daytime hours while the twins are in school. :)