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Life and life...

January 5, 2014
Posted at 6:54 pm

Well... ended 2013 with an antibiotics-resistant staph infection.

The infection felt like my face was trying to have a baby. The antibiotics fucked me up nicely too since they hit me with the 'good' stuff. Antibiotics generally mess me up -- the nicest symptom of antibiotic use for me is that spice is AMPLIFIED. It would appear that for the 'good' antibiotics... Let's just say that salt was too spicy for me to eat so I subsisted for 10 days on white rice... Thank god for sushi without wasabi or soy sauce.

Then of course, there was the two weeks at the in-laws... 'Nuff said.


I had started a new story after getting stuck on the end of the second Wellspring story (it still feels off). The new story was going to be about a sexually omnivorous teenage mind-controller. I had originally conceived of it as a mind-reader version of Raylan from 'Justified' with a history in high school. Then I thought doing the real story was in the 'backstory'. Unfortunately, it was a very flowing mind-set for the story that I lost when I got the staph infection and could barely move for a few days.

I think that story is pretty much scratched at this point.

One of the options on the table right now is to take my teen protagonist, harem anime phase and actually fully write something in the Freezing, Infinite Stratos, High School DxD, and High School of the Dead model but write it with hentai levels if graphic sex. Basically to end the phase by wallowing in it.

The problem is that the basic outline is 39 chapters and I do not know if I want to commit to that type of story with four series having half or nearly completed stories.

I will sit down for a deeper outline for my 'Demons' story and see if it works out.


I do have some other commitments so we will see. It will probably be a couple of weeks before I start writing again and some months before I post anything.

Quite possibly a lot longer due to a major life change I would like to execute... It could completely eat up my free time for a while but at this stage I think my family needs me to make the change for our financial security.