ElSol: Profile

[TLC Chorus:]


Writes like Elsol

Sees the light like Elsol

No one gives out critiques really quite like Elsol


For no writer in here's half as gifted

He's perfect, the new Hemingway

When you read him your heart will be lifted

If your writing needs work he can show you the wayyyy

[TLC Chorus:]

No one's reads like Elsol

Does great deeds like Elsol


No one lays down a heavyweight screed like Elsol


As an author my stories are scintillating

He's on a roll... Elsoool


I'm El Kabong. I look exactly like Elsol, and I approve of this message...

Written by JoJo "Duck and Cover" Starwheel aka Flibinite of www.mcstories.com