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Updates - Mixed Results

December 21, 2013
Posted at 2:22 am

--==( Updates )==--
Earlier this week, I submitted updates to New Magus and Child Magus. The updates included various corrections throughout both stories as well as an appendix at the end of both and a review of characters at the beginning of Child Magus.

I recall getting many a email asking for such things, mostly because of the time span between postings of the two stories (as well as the time span between Child Magus and Sibling Magus), but now that I've updated the stories with those listings - to keep everything consistent with the layout - I'm getting emails about how the additions are distracting.

I know I can't make everyone happy, so to those who believe those chapters are distracting, I'll change them so they aren't listed as chapters but "Cast" at the beginning and "Appendix" at the end, that way you can skip them if desired.

--==( Happy Holidays )==--
I went and picked up my kids today. They'll be spending the next two weeks with me. I'll continue writing, but will probably end up too distracted to get a whole lot done. The donations were very much appreciated and helped immensely. Thank you.

Happy holidays everyone! May love and peace shine on you and through you!