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Sibling Magus - Ch 21

December 13, 2013
Posted at 3:34 pm

--==( Sibling Magus )==--
Chapter 21 has been submitted for posting.
Chapter 22 is in final reviews.
Chapter 23 is being drafted.

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish up through 25 by next weekend.

--==( Holidays )==--
As everyone knows, I don't get much writing done when my kids are here. We're planning on going to pick them up on the 21st and they'll be here for almost two weeks. (Prolly take em home on the 4th). After that, I'll be able to either continue writing or (hopefully) type up anything I've hand-written.

My internet bill is paid up so that I don't have to worry about it until near the end of January. However, I have to ask for donations to help with gas for the trip to pick up my kids. Anyone willing and able to help can send the money through paypal. Use my email address ( Any donations will earn previews to new chapters before they're posted. Thank you in advanced.

Happy Holidays everyone!