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Another Update and “Corona Heights”

December 8, 2013
Posted at 12:20 pm

With all the e-mails asking about my health, I thought I'd take a moment to post an update.

I'm fine.

What I'm sure both of them really wanted to know was… when I was going to get off my ass and post some more stories. Well, I won't lie and tell you the last two months have been a piece of cake, but I really am improving a little bit every day. Enough so that, for most of the last month, I have been reading.

I know. That doesn't sound like all that much to you young whippersnappers out there, but if you live to my advanced age, you'll discover that between the meds and the surgeries and just living life every day that the days you can focus enough to be able to read are very good days indeed.

And on the days when you discover a jewel like Shrink42's "Corona Heights" it makes you so giddy you want to go out and get drunk. Or get laid. Or spend some time just remembering what it was like to be able to.

"But you had already read that story, Phil. We saw it in your list of favorites," you might say.

"True, but senility is not without its moments," would be my reply. However, you are correct. I probably should have said "…when you re-discover a jewel like Shrink42's 'Corona Heights'."

But whether you're discovering it for the first time or re-discovering it, you'll enjoy the way Shrink weaves the various character's lives together into a wild and erotic urban tale. I was so fascinated by his story that I actually called and set an appointment for admission. I'm on for the 8th of next month. I plan to use Shrink42 as a reference and if you ask, I'm sure he'll give you a good one too.

I have also received several emails (okay… it was the same two guys) who wanted to know when I was going to start writing again.

Truthfully that has been a bigger challenge than I expected. Did you know that it can take up to six months for all the drugs from the surgery to leave your system?

Anyway… I have finally started writing again. I'm slower than before, but I'm eternally optimistic that I will get back to speed someday.

It's a new story and I just sent the first three chapters to my editors. So if they still remember who I am after all this time. And if they haven't won the Mega-Millions Jackpot and taken off on a round-the-world-cruise on the MS World, (check it out. It's way cool!) and if they still want to edit for me, (remember, they don't get any compensation either). Then, I hope to start posting it soon.

Just so you know, it's called:

"The Gates of Erebus"

by Phil Brown

Dr. Jake Sanders was a process systems engineer, specializing in the digital modulation units manufactured in his Tampa based facility and installed in military and scientific research vessels worldwide.

Little did he know, when he was called to examine one of his units that had been tampered with onboard a lost research vessel, that it would take all of his special skills and more if Jake was to survive the new world he was about to discover. A world he can never return from.

Unless he can figure out how to unlock... The Gates of Erebus

Seriously, I want to thank everyone for your continued care and concern. Because you're so great, here's a little excerpt:

"First time on the bridge?" she asked. There was a bemused smile on her face as he nodded without losing that silly grin. Mikayla could remember the excitement of her first time on the bridge of a ship. In truth, it hadn't been that long ago.

"Yeah!" he said, the excitement obvious in his reply.

"Now," she said exhaling slowly, trying to help him relax. "Why don't you tell me why we're stealing a valuable piece of NOAA property, and how you were able to get the engines started. Then we can work on where you think you're going to go with a stolen ship that half of the world's navies will be tracking by sunrise!"

"One, we're not stealing it. It's kidnapping us. Two, I used my heart. And three, I have no idea where she's taking us," Jake explained calmly.

Have a wonderful holiday season,