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Sibling Magus - Thanksgiving

November 24, 2013
Posted at 4:40 pm
Updated: November 24, 2013 - 7:50 pm

--==( Thanksgiving )==--
It's getting close to Thanksgiving and I have a few things I'd like to mention.

I'm thankful for my children. I only have two. Got em in one shot. Twin boy/girl. Bess her, Brenna is in the hospital and won't be able to visit this Thanksgiving. It'll be the first holiday I've had one of the twins but not both. Intellectually, I knew they would grow apart since their interests are in different things, but not like this. My son, Morgan is looking forward to coming down, as always. The only other rough patch regarding this visit is the weather. I live in Texas and we don't get a lot of cold weather, but the next couple of days are cold with rain and sleet. I may have to hold off on going to pick up Morgan and visiting Brenna until Wednesday. If the weather permits, I'll go on Tuesday.

I'm thankful for my family. They've been fantastic this year. I've had more problems and been sick more this year than any year I can think of and they've been there every step of the way, helping and supportive. I hope I haven't been too much of a pain during all of that.

I'm also thankful for my fans. You've been supportive and kept me going through such a rough year this year. Thank you everyone.

--==( Sibling Magus )==--
I've submitted chapter 18 for posting. I'm hoping to have the first drafts for chapters 19 and 20 done before long. I know some of my editors don't celebrate Thanksgiving since they live i other countries, but even they deserve a break from my insistent queries of what they think of my efforts.

--==( Internet )==--
I know it's been a couple of months since I had to do this last, thanks to a couple of donors who went beyond what I was asking for and helped out with more than just paying the internet bill. Unfortunately, just like Time, utilities stop for no one. And while the internet isn't a utility, it has a monthly bill like one, and the company providing the service isn't doing so out of the kindness of someone's heart. So, should anyone have a couple of extra dollars lying around collecting dust, I would appreciate any donations you can make.

edit: I forgot to mention how to make donations. The only method I have is via paypal. Use my email address to send money (

Thank you, and happy holidays.