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Quick Update and Jay Cantrell's great story...

November 1, 2013
Posted at 11:34 am

Just a quick update for the curious. Thanks for taking your time to write me. I appreciate the support and words of encouragement.

This morning is one of the "better" mornings, because now days, some are better than others. However, even though I don't feel like it, I am getting better, a little every day. While I almost didn't make it (I discovered it was a fifty/fifty proposition for about ten days there) I will get better.

Maybe not back to perfect, But I am slowly recovering.

As for Book IV and Book V, I have them outlined, and had started Book IV before the heart attack. Book IV will be about finding the codex, which will lead to the next quest (for Book V) the quest for the Armor. (I could tell you where it is, but that would spoil both books).

It will also have Michael going to Tapato, dealing with busybody Indian agents, and possibly a new antagonist near the end. He'll also be dealing with the new girls that have come into his life in book three.

Because I cannot string together two coherent thoughts for very long, (they say it will take 90+ days for the meds to leave my system) I don't know when I'll actually start writing again. However, I have been able to answer a few emails lately and have started reading again, albeit very slowly, which is frustrating. Especially when I find a really good story. And don't you know I'd find one when I really didn't want to and now I can't put it down.

The story I'm on now (up to chapter 61, so far) is called Daze in the Valley, by Jay Cantrell and it is great! If I could ever understand how SoL's ridicules review system worked, I would definitely write a review for this one. But I could never understand it BEFORE the heart attack, so it's probably a lost cause.

However, the story is worth the time it takes to read, even if you're a slow reader like I am these days. (And if you do read it and like it, be sure to drop Jay a line and tell him so. Praise and appreciation are his only compensation for his efforts)

Once more, thanks for all the notes and well-wishes,