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Chapter Two

October 19, 2013
Posted at 11:46 am

So, Chapter Two has been uploaded for posting!

I'd like to apologize for anyone who has sent me email the past few weeks. I've had very little free time, and I made a conscious decision to spend the time I had writing instead of doing emails. I'll hopefully tackle them over the next few days.

Last time I checked, I had about 40 pages of Chapter Three written.

The length of my chapters has always varied, but they mostly stayed in the same ranges. The chapters used to run about 30 or 40 pages (as judged in OpenOffice 10pt Courier New). Then they were 40 to 50 pages. Book II Chapter One was 62 pages. Chapter Two is 70 pages. And given what I want to include in Chapter Three and the fact that I'm already 40 pages into it, it may well hit 80+ pages by the time I'm done with it. Actually, thinking about it, that's a pretty big chapter. Maybe I can shift some of it into Chapter Four instead. We'll see.

- Chapter Three introduces the bodyguards, who have evolved into something different than what I originally planned.
- Chapter Four introduces Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.
- Both chapters involve international travel for the first time, with Three taking us to Japan and Four to Europe. The chapters also start one of the main plotlines of Book Two.