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Real Life Update

October 17, 2013
Posted at 12:35 pm

I talked to CPS this morning. It turns out they weren't pulling the twins from their mother, but because of the original situation (that I was notified of by the twins older sister), they don't trust that my ex has the twins best interests in mind - which is contrary to everything I know about her.

To be honest, we haven't lived together in over ten years. I'm sure there are things about her I don't know, but when anything regarding the twins comes up, neither of us hold back any information. The call I got yesterday from CPS was for me to convince her to let me have the kids, but not because they were getting involved directly. The agent I spoke to said though that if they do get involved, I would receive a call immediately from them.

Basically, CPS hasn't decided what to do, and that is causing me stress only because I feel like I could get a call from them at any time and I hate being kept on edge like this. If they were to make a decision and act, that would be one thing, but that's not the case.

As it stands, donations have come in, my targeted goal has been reached. Thank you to everyone both who donated and who offered their sympathy. That money is going to sit tight in case I have to take off on this trip, even at a moment's notice.