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General update

September 24, 2013
Posted at 10:38 am

Chapter 2 is again close to completion. The delays (aside from finding time) have been twofold: First, I realized I needed a couple extra scenes (one to flesh things out and one to lay groundwork for future plot elements). Second, I kept getting inspirations for Chapter 3.

So the good news is that Chapter 2 only needs 1.5 scenes plus connecting text to be complete. Also, Chapter 3 is about halfway done. And I have loads of notes on what Chapter 4 is about, plus a couple pages of text.

The bad news is that I am apparently unable to focus on a single chapter at a time. (If I could properly focus, I could get Chapter 2 posted in a week or less... but as I just stated, I don't seem to be able to do so... meaning, we'll see.)

Also, I keep reading about different scientific advances or engineering concepts or whatnot and wondering why I didn't think of that, and gee, I need to include that somewhere.

As a little preview, Chapter 3 will involve a trip to California, Hawaii, and Japan. (I haven't decided yet if I'll end the chapter after Japan or not.) Chapter 4 will involve a trip to Europe and the first meeting with a group which is either a great potential ally or the ultimate enemy of Book Two.