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September 11, 2013
Posted at 9:56 pm

As those of you that read my blog know, it has not been an easy year.

New home purchase, first baby, superstorms, disease, cancer scare, etc. It is interesting that when the emergencies are flowing, you can keep moving forward but when things settle, the cracks start to show.

I need to make some changes: Most of them are little things, like getting off my fat ass to exercise. Staying off forums. Giving up the porn sites (the end of an era). Being more 'manly' about my home (I am just soooo unhandy.) Spending more fun time with my daughter who is already growing up too fast. Making sure my wife does not kill anyone from her Facebook groups.

I do hope to make some big changes next year, but not something I can discuss here.

At this point, I do not know how it will affect my writing. I have reduced my commitment to the Swarm Cycle to two stories, since the others did not work. I will most likely not write the third Magic series I hoped to get too. Like I said, I do not really know at this time because writing keeps me sane and if I am going to stay off forums and get more exercise, I will need writing a little more to keep sane.

I am moving along with the Second Wellspring Story... But work sucks this week. Major projects coming up as due which require a lot of attention.

Thanks for listening... And like I said, hopefully this adds to my writing productivity in the long haul. It will probably delay my writing in the short term as I detox from all my waste of time commitments -- like Korean dramas. Or at least, uncompleted Korean dramas... I mean they only run from 12 -- 24 episodes so one or two marathons a year are no harm. They are research! Yeah, research!